Family Law and Property Disputes


  • Have you recently been separated?

  • Are you having difficulties seeing your children?

  • Do you need help with getting your property settlement?


Family law disputes can be a stressful time for all those involved - not just the couple in question, but their children, extended family and friends. Our lawyers are highly experienced in family law and understand that the breakdown of a relationship can have a manjor emotional impact. We treat our clients with respect and empathy and provide a professional and caring service focussed on getting the best outcome for our clients.


Most people prefer a reasonable settlement to a legal battle in court. Our lawyers are skilled negotiators and use mediation and collaborative law to deliver the best possible result.


If litigation is the best option, our lawyers will represent you in court proceedings and get the best outcome.


Our family law services include the following:

  • Pre nuptual and binding financial agreements, cohabitation and separation agreements

  • Divorce and nullity proceedings

  • Children's issues: parental responsibility; access; protection and welfare/abuse/abduction issues; child maintenance and support; Children's Court matters

  • Adoption, paternity/ parentage issues

  • Spousal maintenance

  • Property orders including use and occuption of home, division of business assets etc

  • Superannuation and tax issues

  • Bankruptcy issues in family law

  • Urgent orders including preserving assets of the relationship, restraining flight from jurisdiction

  • Family trusts, unit trusts, and Corporations Act issues

  • Claims arising from contributions and agreements

  • De facto relationships

  • Domestic violence issues

  • Wills and sucession issues